Foster inclusive and collaborative learning

Wooflash is an intelligent microlearning platform based on neuroscience and adaptive learning that drastically improves the quality of training.

“The learning methods generally used by students have proven to be very ineffective. Active methods should be favored instead.”

Steve Masson


Professor of neuroeducation at the University of Quebec in Montreal and author of the book "Activate your neurons for better learning and teaching".

“My students feel more engaged in their learning by regularly logging on to Wooflash.”

Guillaume Grzych


Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Lille

“My students love Wooflash! It's a great tool that allows them to progress quickly. We can't do without it anymore.”

Geneviève Ponsonnet


Physics and chemistry teacher

Why use wooflash ?

Easy to use

Our simple design enables a smooth and effortless learning experience whether it be on mobile, tablet or computer.

Effective to ensure learning continuity

Monitor your students' progress and gauge their level of understanding between lectures.

A technology designed to foster active learning

Wooflash improves both teaching and learning and designs its features based on the principles of neuroeducation.

We enhance your ability to monitor your students

Easily create questions

Share them in one click

Track your students' progress in real time with our Learning Analytics

We improve learning outcomes with neuroeducation principles

Spaced repetition

Immediate feedback

Types of questions fostering memorisation and transfer of knowledge

Exam Mode to harness the testing effect

Adaptive learning and personalised path

Based on the questions and content you create on Wooflash, we offer students the most effective learning path with real-time adaptations thanks to our machine learning algorithm.

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