Terms and conditions

Wooflash is an online service from Wooclap SA. You can read the Terms and conditions that apply to Wooclap and all its services at the following link : https://www.wooclap.com/en/terms-of-service/.


The following is an addendum to the terms and conditions of Wooclap that applies solely to Wooflash.


1. The “online exam” functionality
Wooclap has added an “online exam” functionality (the “Functionality”) to its existing Wooflash platform. This Functionality allows for an online exchange of information between a teacher and a student: the teacher provides the students with a list of questions that constitutes the exam while students provide the teacher with their answers to the questions. Students can take an exam during a time frame and for a duration specified by the teacher.


2. The responsibilities of the parties
Wooclap provides the Functionality as a means of communication between the teacher and the student, which is the only responsibility of Wooclap.
Wooclap takes up no other responsibilities regarding the Functionality and the use thereof (as per article 15.5 of the General Terms and Conditions). Wooclap underlines that the Functionality does not provide for identity control nor fraud prevention/protection. The teacher and the educational institution should verify whether the Functionality is suitable for examinations and meets all the applicable requirements, e.g. as per the legislation on education, the policies of the educational network and/or its own guidelines.
The Functionality is used by means of devices and using internet connection, over which Wooclap has no control and for which Wooclap takes up no responsibility.


3. General terms and conditions
Wooclap’s general terms and conditions apply on a supplementary basis, so only if these arrangements do not provide otherwise.